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How your equipment is originally installed is more important than the brand!

The best equipment installed poorly will not heat or cool well or last as long as it should!

We at Glacier Heating and Cooling will install your new heat pump, air conditioner, oil or gas furnace to the highest standards and design to assure you the longest life and best performance!

We are also qualified by the Oregon Energy Trust to upgrade your heat pump, gas furnace or air conditioner to the high efficiency units that are qualified for all federal tax credits, state tax credits, Oregon energy Trust incentives and Avistz gas company rebates.

We have found TRANE to be the best, most reliable, least expensive to repair, and BEST VALUE FOR YOUR DOLLAR equipment available. That is why we offer it. We have worked on them all and know the best! You can spend a lot more money on other brands but the extra cost for them is not justified! TRANE is one of the top manufacturers in the USA.  They are just plainly the best value available!


We can  get other brands if you have a preference.

We take for granted that the air we breathe in our homes is fresher and cleaner than outside. Unfortunately this is not so. The EPA  has identified indoor air pollutants as one of the top 5 environmental risk factors to public health! Studies prove that pollutants are 2 to 5 times higher indoors than outdoors. This can lead to headaches,asthma, wheezing, allergies, and throat irritation!

We can  help with your indoor air quality. We have Electronic filters that remove up to 98% of pollutants in your indoor air. Also available are Ultraviolet systems to kill molds, mildew, bacteria, and spores as they pass thru your furnace system. So you can breathe fresh and easy.

Please feel free to call us or use the following on-line form to request an installation estimate at your location.

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