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from Jo Ann

Dear Bill,
We had you put the heat pump in our modular home several years ago. Several years later we had a problem and called a different heating company to fix it. They said you had put in too small a heat pump. They supposedly replaced yours with a larger one.

The system still would not work!! We had them out several times and they talked about valves and wanted to charge us $800 more to fix the brand new unit they just replaced yours with!

We finally called you, I don’t know why we did not call you in the first place? When we finally got you back out it turned out that the other company had replaced our heat pump with another of the same size, not a bigger one!

It was actually 2 very small problems

  1. a duct under our modular home installed by the factory had come off and our system was blowing 1/2 our air under the house
  2. there was a small freon leak which you inexpensively repaired!

I wish we would have called you first!! You have always treated us so well.

Jo Ann

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